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Features — CATI features

Web-based questionnairesokCATI questionnaires are in fact Web questionnaires used within a controlled CATI environment. Therefore all CallWeb questionnaire design, conditional display, user interface, data validation, data management and project management features apply to the CATI environment.
Required softwareany browserFor the person completing the on-line questionnaire, the system demands no specialised software. All operations are performed by a basic Internet browser. Any browser supporting the display of HTML tables conforms to the CallWeb specifications, which definitely includes the third versions (and later) of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator as well as Firefox. CallWeb was tested using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape Navigator and Opera under Windows and Linux. CallWeb does not rely on Javascript, Java or any other non standard programming module. Safari for Windows version 3 was found to lack compliance with basic HTML codes and should not be used with CallWeb.
Number of concurrent interviewersonly limited by hardwareIt is possible for a server to manage hundreds of concurrent interviewer sessions. The limit is a function of the server power and of the amount of RAM available. The processing of a screen-worth of data is completed in a fraction of a second after which the contact between the server and the user is broken while the user reads the new information and records the answers. This leaves ample time to the server to deal with hundreds of other connections.
Number of concurrent projectsunlimitedCallWeb imposes no limit to the number of projects that are run concurrently. Each bears its case management and call disposition rules. Interviewers log into a given project but may be given the ability to search for particular cases across projects if the need arises.
Number of stratas in a projectunlimitedThere are no pre-set limit to the number of stratas (or quotas) that can be defined in a project. Each strata can be constrained as to the number of cases pulled from it and as to the number of completions before shutting down calling in it. Quotas based on information collected during the interviewer can be calculated and acted upon on the fly.
Time zone managementokCallWeb is given local calling times to respect and it dispatches numbers accordingly. When a geographical area enters the pre-defined calling window, telephone numbers from that are are released. Similarly, telephone numbers from an area leaving the calling window are taken off the call queue.
Integrated management interfaceokFrom a single window, see all key information on all active projects, including the number of cases available, the number of completed questionnaires, the number of interviewers logged in, the duration of the interviews, etc.
Groups of casesokProject managers can define groups of cases that are then used to focus the work of interviewers. Logging certain interviewers in a particular group limits the cases they will be dispatched to the case profile selected by the project manager for that group; the profile can be modified dynamically, so interviewers can be re-routed to a new set of cases without having to log out and back in.
In-bound call managementokInterviewers can extract a person's case by searching across a number of projects according to the case id or the caller's telephone number.
Multi-modeokRun telephone, Web and in-person interviews on the same project at the same time (that is, in the very same data base!). Reep the benefits of each data collection mode and use them all to get the greatest possible response.
Many more featuresokCallWeb CATI is a mature product. It offers many more features that cannot be described in a short Web page.