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Experience CallWeb questionnaires in the following examples:

  • a demonstration questionnaire shows the breadth of features supported by CallWeb;
  • a short script demonstrates how e-mails can be sent as part of a questionnaire and bad e-mail addresses identified on the fly;
  • this Web site feedback form was converted to CallWeb
  • SampleCalc, our sample size and margin of error calculator, has been reprogrammed in CallWeb!
  • one of our clients gets real time feedback from its clients via an online feedback form.
  • a data collection system aimed at Human Resources Development Canada employees; this application is special in that it is founded on a star structure centred on a page which feedbacks the information fed to date. Moreover, this example demonstrates how CallWeb can use access codes which are provided on the fly rather than being communicated to participants in advance;
  • a slide show presenting, one after the other, a series of images constituting a presentation, without collecting information (although the participant could have been asked to leave comments or to rate his reactions, for example).
  • the CallWeb technical documentation itself is built as a CallWeb project.