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Quick start

This page provides brief instructions on how to set up your first CallWeb project. It is assumed that you have access to a Web server equipped with CallWeb and to an FTP program to transfer files to the server.

  1. Using your Web browser, call the CallWeb integrated module; the address was provided to you by your administrator.
  2. From there, use the cwedit module to create a one-question questionnaire.
  3. Save this questionnaire script under the file name "test" — the questionnaire file will be named test.scw (the .scw extension indicates a CallWeb script).
  4. Still from cwedit, click on the Compilation icon. This will open a new window which will report the status of the compilation, and any compilation errors.
  5. Close the cwedit window.
  6. Click on your browser Reload button to refresh the integrated module page with the information on the project your have just compiled.
  7. Select the "test" project from the drop-down list next to "Start a new questionnaire; ../callweb.cgi" and click on the icon on that line.
  8. Your question appears on this new, one-question project!


e-mail technical support!