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Questionnaire design

Simple skips

The definition of a simple skip is... simple: list the answer category code(s) left of an equal sign (=), separated by commas, and the question to skip to to the right of the equal sign. There can be any number of such definitions in a question; each must be on its own line.

Example of a simple skip:

    % Simple skips
    8,9 = BYEBYE

Note that, by default, when questions are skipped, all of the data that they contained are erased. This behaviour can be changed for the whole questionnaire by setting the # Cleaning skips parameter to "no" or for a specific skip by prefixing the destination question with a "~" sign as in

    % Simple skips
    8,9 = ~BYEBYE

Hyperlink skips with JUMP

It is possible to create a hyperlink to a particular question in the current questionnaire. The syntax is as follows:

    ... {JUMP:QUESTION}text{/JUMP} ...

This syntax creates a link on "text" (which can part of any of the question elements) that jumps immediately to question "QUESTION" without processing any input from the current page. This type of hyperlink skip does not clean intervening questions.

It is also possible to JUMP to another project using the following syntax: {JUMP:QUESTION,project}.

Finally, it is also possible to JUMP to a specific case of another project using the following syntax: {JUMP:QUESTION,project,telkey}.

These various flavours of {JUMP:} can all produce encrypted links if they are called as {JUMPC:}. (See the cover function.)


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