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Questionnaire design

Commenting a script

It is often useful to add comments in CallWeb scripts to provide explanations of what the designer is trying to accomplish. The feat may not be so obvious to another questionnaire designer who may be called upon to modify one's script.

There are two classes of comments in a CallWeb script:

  • comments that are deleted during compilation; these are all the script lines that start with at least two pound signs (that can be preceded by one or more blank spaces or tabs);
  • comments that are saved during compilation and that are printed on questionnaire printouts produced by the cwquestionnaire module; these comments are located at the end of a script line, passed a space and two pound signs, They are associated with the segment of the question where they are located and they are printed accordingly by cwquestionnaire.cgi.

Here are the legitimate locations of printing comments:

    Q3A ## Question name comment
    % question ## Question segment comment
      [EN]How many people from each of the following age groups live in your household, including you who have already indicated being over 17?
      [FR]Combien de personnes de chacun des groupes d'âges suivants votre ménage compte-t-il en vous incluant et compte tenu que vous avez déjà indiqué être âgé de plus de 17 ans?
    % note ## Note segment comment
      [EN]Less than 10 years old[FR]Moins de 10 ans
    % categories ## Category segment comment
      *1*=*[EN]Number of people[FR]Nombre de personnes ## Specific category comment
    % skips
      1 = Q99 ## Specific skip comment
    % condition
      Q1.EQ.1 ## Display condition segment comment
    % open-end
      1 = N2.0 0 10 ## Specific open-part comment
    ! ==================================================

Note that printing comments are not compabible with cwedit.cgi and with the copy syntax which uses the equal sign (=).


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