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Questionnaire structure


A button to offer respondents the ability to interrupt the questionnaire may be added on every page of the questionnaire by activating the # Bouton stop instruction. By default, # BOUTON STOP is deactivated as in:

    # Bouton stop = non

To display the Interruption button, set the instruction to "oui" and add the question where the respondent will be directed upon interruption after a comma, as in:

    # Bouton stop = oui, Q99

This instruction will force the display of an Interruption button on each page of the questionnaire. If the respondent clicks that button, they will be directed to question Q99 but, upon coming back into the questionnaire later, they will resume from the page attained before requesting the interruption.

The STOP button can also be displayed conditionally based on a display condition placed in lieu of the Yes first argument, in square brackets. For example:

    # Bouton stop = [QTYPE.EQ.1], Q99

will display the STOP button only if QTYPE equals 1.

What happens on the page where the interruption is directed is up to the CallWeb script designer. It could be a page without buttons (BACKWALL, CULDESAC and NOSTOP) displaying some message or the URL needed to return into the questionnaire. It could be calculated questions that send an e-mail to the respondent with instructions. It could be anything CallWeb can do with its set of features and questions.

The text of the Interruption button is controlled by the # TEXTE STOP instruction. Each language of the questionnaire may have its own such instruction as in:

    # Texte stop = [EN]Stop[FR]Arrêt

The interruption button can also be an image. See the # IMAGE STOP instruction.

Although a STOP block of questions is often used to allow stopping of a questionnaire at one point and resuming from where the interruption block was invoked, it can also be used to branch to a special set of questions from anywhere in the questionnaire and then to go back to the normal flow of questions afterwards. To perform this feat, add a # Stop button instruction, branch to an isolated part of the questionnaire and end this block of questions with a question qith a DESTOP type. The DESTOP question branches back to the question from which the STOP button was invoked.


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