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Field management

Questionnaire completion

Once the questionnaire is compiled — and data are prepopulated, if necessary — potential participants may be invited to complete the questionnaire. There is a variety of technical ways to open access to a questionnaire. Some are reviewed.

The most transparent way to access a CallWeb questionnaire is with the following Web instruction which applies to a fully open questionnaire or one where participants are provided with access codes on the fly:



  • "project" is the name of the questionnaire script;
  • "LA" is the language in which to access CallWeb; if not provided, the questionnaire default language is used.

If an access code (see the # Survey type pound instruction) must be supplied to open a questionnaire, the same instruction may be used (and the system will prompt for the access code) or the instruction may be completed as follows:



  • "project" is the name of the questionnaire script;
  • "code" is the access code;
  • the _lang=LA parameter can be added to the call; it determines the language of the questionnaire; if it is not provided, the questionnaire default language is used.

If the questionnaire must be initiated at a location other than the first question (for a blank questionnaire) or the last question displayed (for a return questionnaire), the URL may contain a specific entry point as follows:



  • "project" is the name of the questionnaire script;
  • "code" is the access code;
  • "QUESTION" is the name of the question which will act as entry point into the script. The _AUDEBUT_ code can be used to force the questionnaire to begin at the first question, notwithstanding where the questionnaire was last left.

An appendix to this documentation lists all available URL options available when calling a questionnaire.

The instruction to access CallWeb may be hidden on a static page using a form or a hyperlink or using Web redirection tools like go.97.ca or custom built Web scripts.

Extremely short URL syntax

CallWeb also supports an extremely short URL syntax which ensures that links are not cut off in invitation e-mail messages. The syntax is as follows:


as in




if no access code is required or supplied within the link and the questionnaire starts at the beginning or at the last question displayed.

In fact, even the language parameter is optional; if it is not supplied, the default language defined in the questionnaire script is used. Note that CallWeb uses as the language parameter the first value that is made of two (and only two) letters (such that, if the project name, the _telkey or the _debute question are two-letter codes, the language parameter must be specified and must come before the other two-letter code). The other parameters must be in the order defined above.

Given the proper set up of the Web server, it is also possible to dispense with the explicit call to the callweb module (in Apache terms, by making callweb.cgi one of the DirectoryIndex entries). the link could then be shortened to something like:



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