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Field management

Modifications during the course of a project

Any modification may be made to the questionnaire during the course of a project and without interrupting the collection of data. Of course, adding a question won't suddenly make data appear in completed questionnaires, but the system can regenerate itself to take modifications into consideration from there on and keep as much of the previously collected data as possible.

A simple compilation is sufficient to affect changes to a questionnaire:

  • if the change does not add questions, delete questions, rename questions or move questions;
  • if the change does not modify whether or not questions have open-end parts;
  • if the change does not change a multiple-response question into a single-response question or vice versa.

The compilation procedure reports whether a structural data change is required. If so, it will be performed only if the "structural change" checkbox of the integrated module has been selected; otherwise, the compilation will terminate with an error and no change will be made either to the compiled questionnaire or to the data base.


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