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Appendix M

Project initiation checklist

The following checklist is offered as a guide to control that all steps of the project installation process have been completed. A CATI-specific project initiation checklist is also available.



Use the project flow diagram to guide project initiation.


Create a directory. Its name should start with "cw" (lower case) for CallWeb to recognize it as a project directory. Note that, under Linux, capitalization counts, such that file or directory "cwProject" is different from file or directory "cwproject".


The Apache Web server must have permission to write in this new directory. If the directory was created using CallWeb's file manager (cwdocs), it is automatically so. Otherwise, either make the Apache user the owner of the directory or give "the world" write permission to the directory.


Place a questionnaire script file (.scw file) in the project directory. This could be a copy of an existing questionnaire.


If necessary, place a style.css file in the project directory to control the appearance of the questionnaire. Without one, the default style.css file from the gr/ directory is used.


Modify the questionnaire according to your specifications, either in cwedit or in a text editor such as gedit, TextPad or UltraEdit. If you modify the questionnaire in a text editor, use the file manager (cwdocs) or a communication program (such as gftp, ws_ftp or Directory Opus) to upload the .scw file to the server.


Compile the questionnaire from cwedit or from the integrated module (cw) and correct any error that may be flagged.


Throughout the programming of the questionnaire, keep a second browser window open to fill out and test the questionnaire as you add questions and otherwise modify the questionnaire.


Repeat steps 6, 7 and 8 until you have finished the programming of the questionnaire.


If you want to insert data in the project database (e.g., to create access codes and/or to make data available during questionnaire completion), package the data in a tab-delimited file where field names are on the first line. Upload that file (using the file manager or a communication program) and import the data using the cwprepop module.


Ensure that the "survey type" pound instruction corresponds to your questionnaire access control needs.


Build a URL to access the questionnaire as a respondent.


Send e-mail invitations.


e-mail technical support!