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Questionnaire structure


By default, CallWeb displays one question per browser screen. The # GROUP instruction changes this default behaviour. It uses the following syntax:

    # Group NAME = VAR1 - VAR2


  • NAME is the name of the page; any unique alphanumeric string is acceptable;
  • VAR1 is the first variable to include on the browser page;
  • VAR2 is the last variable to include on the browser page; obviously VAR2 must come after VAR1 in the questionnaire order.

Limitations: note that skips cannot take place within a page and that simple skips are honoured only on the last question displayed on the page. Also, BLANK questions and CALCUL questions do not perform their feat within pages; these types of questions should be located between defined pages if necessary — in fact, their inclusion in a page is flagged as an error by the compiler.


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