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Questionnaire design

Question text

The question text may flow over several lines. CallWeb concatenates all lines prior to processing the text. Remember that the final appearance for the survey participant, including line wrapping, is controlled by the browser.

Example of a question text segment:

    % Question text
       [EN]Are you generally considered a male or a female?
       [FR]Êtes-vous généralement vu(e) comme un homme ou une femme?

The question text may contain HTML codes. Such codes are interpreted directly by the browser.

Recall of previous answers can be done in the question text. See the Response recall section for the syntax of the recalls.

If more than one language is defined in the questionnaire, language segments of the question must be preceded by the international ISO language code within brackets (e.g., [EN]). A lonely equal sign (=) in a text field can be used to copy text from the default language to any non-default language.

The text of the question can be borrowed from another question by putting the equal sign (=) left of the name of the question from which to copy. However, the copy by equal sign is deactivated if the question text starts with a tilde (~) to allow for UTF-8 encoded email titles — the tilde is silently deleted.


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