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Questionnaire design


A CallWeb questionnaire is contained in a strict ANSI file (only ANSI characters, no word processing commands) where each question is presented in the sequence in which it will be used in the questionnaire. The questionnaire file uses the following naming convention: the extension must be .scw (stands for "script for CallWeb") and the file name (without extension) becomes the project name as far as CallWeb goes. Caution: the case of the letters counts in the name of the file and in the project name.

The structure of a question definition is as follows:

    % Question text follows this % sign
    % Note text follows this % sign
       NOTE TEXT
    % Answer categories follow this % sign
    % Simple skips follow this % sign
    % Display condition follows this % sign
    % Open end part definition follows this % sign
    ! End of question definition

So a real-life example of a question definition would be as follows.

    ## Question Q1
    % Question text
       Are you generally considered a male or a female?
    % Note
    % Answer categories
       *9*I don't really know
    % Simple skips
       9 = BYEBYE
    % display condition
    % Open end part
       9 = C80 2 40
    ! End of question definition

Each segment of the questionnaire definition will now be reviewed.


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