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General introduction

CallWeb is a computer system which facilitates the creation of intelligent forms and questionnaires and the management of the collection of data using these forms and questionnaires.

This document reviews the operations of CallWeb in the following sequence:

  • first, basic questionnaire design syntax is explained
  • then, ways to define a structure for the questionnaire are reviewed
  • third, tools available to control the questionnaire appearance are presented
  • finally, a project life-cycle is explained

Much of the CallWeb action is centered around scripts which are text files comprising the definitions of each question in the questionnaire — and then some. There are two ways to create and modify scripts:

  • using a text editor like Notepad or TextPad, the questionnaire designer has direct control over every aspect of the questionnaire and can perform changes extremely fast;
  • using the cwedit CallWeb module, the designer can also control every parameter of a questionnaire in a more user-friendly (but definitely slower) environment. cwedit has three limitations: it does not support the SUFFIX CORNER parameter, the response category ALIAS parameter and the concurrent use of same-named container questions.

The choice of the questionnaire creation and modification is yours; however, this documentation is focussed on the text editor approach (rather than the cwedit module) because it is faster and because it requires more handholding in the beginning.


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