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Appendix N

File types

A CallWeb project directory often contains a series of files that testify to the unfolding of the project. Here is a list of files that can be found in project directories.

project.scwQuestionnaire script file in text format.
project.qcwCompiled and verified version of the questionnaire used by callweb.cgi and cwx.cgi.
project.scw.lastproject.scw corresponding to the current project.qcw, that is, the project.scw that was last compiled successfully.
project_cwcompile_datetime.zipAssortment of project files as they existed when the compilation was performed at datetime; this file includes a dump of the actual data if the compilation required a change to the structure of the data base.
project.change.logLog of changes made to the structure of the CallWeb data base.
project_cwarchive_h_datetime.zipArchival copy of the data created by cwarchives.pl based on the hourly schedule.
project_cwarchive_d_datetime.zipArchival copy of the data created by cwarchives.pl based on the daily schedule.
project_cwextr_datetime.zipInformation extracted by cwextr at datetime if the request included leaving the extraction in the project directory.
project.cwedit.lockLock file left by cwedit.
project.ipaddress.debugIf this file is present, questionnaire pages requested by ipaddress include debug information.
project-datetime-datetime-number.catiCATI: call queue management parameters for project.
project.actuhistoCATI: history of call queue management results for project.
project.ccwCATI: CATI code behaviour features specific to the project.
style.cssCascading style sheet file controlling the appearance of the questionnaire.


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