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Appendix D

Recent changes and additions

DateChange / addition
June 22, 2022Addition of the ACCESS() operator in display conditions.
May 19, 2022Addition of the 2FA pound instruction that implements cookie-based two-factor authentication
May 11, 2022Addition of the cwarchive_extensions installation instruction
March 19, 2022Overhaul of the user access control system to avoid passing user information, even encrypted, in URLs and posts. This is not turned on by default to ensure backwards compatibility. It is controlled by installation options use_user_cookie and user_cookie_expiry_minutes
March 11, 2022Addition of 10 special characters usable in _telkeys and available in cwtelkeys.cgi
November 24, 2021Addition of a switch to show the path through the questionnaire during questionnaire completion
July 16, 2020Addition of the creation of database views (# CREATE VIEW) to ease access to the MySQL data for other applications
May 15, 2020cwfreq can show a graph of averages of a numeric open-end broken down by a discrete variable
August 1, 2019Addition of the WEIGHT question type to weight cwfreq and cwquestionnaire results.
July 4, 2019Conversion of plus signs into + in open end parts.
October 18, 2018No more logging of non-existent project pages.
August 25, 2018Additions of MATRICE2 and MATRICE3 classes to embedded tables to give more formatting control.
March 16, 2018Addition of an option to skip the MX test in cwemail.
June 8, 2017Addition of an option to prevent taking a text copy of the data before a compilation with structural change.
February 7, 2017The integrated module only shows prepop files that reside in folders of projects that are accessible to the user.
October 19, 2016Addition of the # Index pound instruction.
September 16, 2016Special characters are converted HTML entities in e-mail messages.
May 3, 2016cwprepop can import zeros in close-end fields.
December 8, 2015Addition of the random_integer2 function.
November 5, 2015Addition of a Message-Id header to e-mail message to reduce the risks of spam identification.
August 12, 2015Addition of the CRYPT option to RELATION questions.
August 5, 2015Addition of the # Load JavaScript Library pound instruction.
July 15, 2015BOX variables acknowledge open-end part FORMAT instruction.
July 10, 2015The email function can send a bcc.
March 4, 2015{JUMP} skips can now be encrypted using {JUMPC}.
March 3, 2015Addition of the # Always open at pound instruction.
March 3, 2015Addition of the NOPARAGRAPH parameter on the question name line.
February 17, 2015Addition of display conditions to the columns of the child table RELATION questions.
February 16, 2015Addition of the K behaviour code to avoid a hard return before an alhpanumeric open-end box.
January 17, 2015Addition of the # Bottom Button Position and # Top Button Position pound instructions.
January 11, 2015Addition of the E behaviour code to define an answer category as a title.
January 10, 2015Addition of the # Page Error Image and # Field Error Image pound instructions.
January 10, 2015Addition of the NOLANGUAGE parameter on the question name line to avoid displaying the language button(s).
January 10, 2015Addition of the max_spss_alpha_field usager.conf instruction to allow for alphanumeric fields larger than 254 in SPSS code.
September 15, 2014cwprepop disregards lines in prepop files that start with a comment (##), allowing for commented data files.
August 20, 2014The # IMAGE LEFT, # IMAGE RIGHT, # SUBMIT IMAGE, # IMAGE STOP pound instructions accept substitutions and, thus, conditional recalls.
July 20, 2014cwfreq now uses calc_graph to chart univariate and bivariate distributions.
July 20, 2014Addition of the calc_graph function.
July 15, 2014Addition of the GOTOURL question type.
July 13, 2014The "# Execute if" pound instruction can invoke more than one CALCUL question.
July 13, 2014Addition of an extraction of the questionnaire in Triple-S XML 2.0 format.
July 13, 2014Addition of the # Pretest Project pound instruction to name the CallWeb project used for pretest.
July 12, 2014Attempting to start a questionnaire from a non-existing question is disallowed.
July 12, 2014Addition of the ORDER_BY option to RELATION questions.
June 27, 2014Addition of the READ_ALSO option to RELATION questions.
April 8, 2014Addition of the ERASE_CALCUL option to RELATION questions.
April 1, 2014The number of lines of multi-line open-end boxes adapt to the amount of text entered.
November 15, 2013Addition of the CATEGORIES question type which draws its answer categories from the contents of an open-ended question.
November 5, 2013Addition of the substitution.
November 5, 2013Addition of the obscurcir/cover and decouvrir/uncover functions.
August 9, 2013cwxlog.cgi reports information from the local instance log.
August 8, 2013Db-to-db extraction can use a data base port other than the MySQL default.
June 16, 2013Addition of the tilde delimiter to &#RECALL substitutions to allow the absence of spacing after the recall.
June 15, 2013The # READ and # DO NOT READ pound instructions can use substitutions.
June 13, 2013cwextr.cgi produces more compact SAS and SPSS code.
May 22, 2013Error conditions in sending e-mail messages now keep a trace of the date and time of the failed attempt.
May 8, 2013Addition of mode specific control over the _print mode.
May 8, 2013Addition of the DONOTPRINT question type which skips the question in _print mode.
May 6, 2013Modification of a variety of style assignments in the administrative modules to provide a more unified look and increased control over the user experience. CallWeb's official style sheet and colour scheme.
April 25, 2013Addition of the PAGEBREAK question type.
April 25, 2013Addition of the _debute and _termine URL options, used in conjunction with _print.
March 29, 2013Addition of the "# Execute if" pound instruction.
March 29, 2013Addition of the ability to give cwdocs.cgi permissions to specific directories
February 19, 2013The "# Enforce response length" pound instruction shows the number of characters allowed in a multi-line text box and the number of characters left.
January 28, 2013Addition of the out_of_service usager.conf instruction to temporarily block all access to the instance questionnaires and display a general out-of-service message.
January 28, 2013Addition of the # Radio button directory pound instruction to relocate the radio button and checkbox images.
January 26, 2013Passwords used to access utility programs can be made to expire after a certain number of days using the login_pw_valid_days, login_pw_allow_same, login_pw_rules, and login_pw_rules_message installation instructions.
January 17, 2013Addition of the # Radio button suffix pound instruction to change the appearance of radio buttons and checkboxes.
January 14, 2013Addition of the # Freeze data if and # Frozen data message pound instructions.
January 2, 2013The Template pound instruction accepts substitutions.
January 2, 2013Addition of the MOBILE() operator in display conditions.
January 2, 2013The Stylesheet pound instruction accepts substitutions.
December 20, 2012The D-type open-end question accepts Perl expressions within braces for the minimum and maximum dates.
December 19, 2012Addition of the Thousand Separator pound instruction.
December 7, 2012Addition of the combine_into_multiple function.
December 3, 2012Addition of JavaScript code to avoid sending the CallWeb questionnaire page with a hit on the return key in a text box.
December 2, 2012New SUGG question type (SUGGest) which warns only once for an insufficient number of responses.
November 28, 2012The <COMPUTE BUTTON> instruction has an additional parameter to avoid normal question validation.
November 28, 2012The compiler can copy .scw files and associated # INCLUDE files from a distant server (while creating the necessary folders and without a starting project).
November 24, 2012Addition of the n_records function.
October 12, 2012Addition of the except_codes function.
October 3, 2012Addition of the encrypted password to contextual information.
October 3, 2012Addition of the _epw parameter to URLs.
October 2, 2012Addition of a JavaScript library and introduction of smart checkboxes.
July 19, 2012Addition of the "Password" option to the Survey Type pound instruction. This type of access control is based on a fixed user ID and a changeable password. A cookbook recipe describes this system in detail.
June 26, 2012Addition of the last_access function for calculated questions.
June 7, 2012Using an L-type open-end question, a selection condition can be specified to limit the values shown in the dropdown list.
May 30, 2012New "compress" mode associated with "print" mode in the integrated module: it omits the radio buttons of the first question in a table to use the space to print row labels thereby producing a tighter printout.
May 17, 2012Addition of the "cwemail password" pound instruction to control the sending of e-mail messages via cwemail.
December 7, 2011The following pound instructions can accept substitutions (including a conditional one): URL, HTML Title, and Telkey pattern.
November 30, 2011If a <BOX> question does not have an open-end part, the close-ended answer categories are presented as a dropdown list.
November 23, 2011The # STOP BUTTON and # DISPLAY THERMOMETER pound instructions can accept a substitution (including a conditional one) in lieu of a question name.
November 21, 2011The # STOP BUTTON pound instruction can be controlled by a display condition.
November 16, 2011Print mode (which shows an entire questionnaire on a single Web page) can insert questionnaire page break markers on-screen as well as real page breaks upon printing.
November 5, 2011The SCALE question type centres the scale on the page if the column width is preceded by a C (e.g., SCALE=C80).
November 5, 2011Addition of the "cwarchive zip password" pound instruction to encrypt back-up data in a zip file.
November 5, 2011Addition of the "cwcompile zip password" pound instruction to encrypt compilation results in the zip file.
November 5, 2011Addition of the "cwemail report to" pound instruction to specify an e-mail address where to send the turbo-mode cwemail.cgi report.
November 5, 2011cwautoemail.pl refrains from processing an autoemail instruction if a previous call to it has not yet completed.
November 1, 2011In cwemail.cgi, addition of a report on messages waiting in the queue and ability to delete a queue of messages.
October 27, 2011Addition of the "cwextr zip password" pound instruction to encrypt extracted data in the zip file.
October 10, 2011Profound revamping of the mechanism used to send e-mail messages using the daemon mode. It improves the performance of the Autoemail pound instruction and the cwemail.cgi module tenfold while using less of the server resources.
August 27, 2011New function n_calls.
August 23, 2011cwedit.cgi supports a comment line located between the question name line and the percent line starting the question text segment.
August 21, 2011cwautoemail.pl requires that the CallWeb "client" name be appended as an argument, e.g., "perl cwautoemail.cgi PROD &". This allows concurrent autoemail tasks in different instances on the same server.
July 7, 2011Addition of various installation instructions which increase the security of the files in project directories: default_cwpermissions_directory_permissions, default_cwpermissions_file_permissions, cwpermissions_deletes_from_cwdir, and exclude_from_cwcompile_backup.
June 21, 2011Addition of the tilde (~) behaviour codes to deactive the display of the pop-up calendar in a D open-end question.
April 4, 2011The archival module can save the automatic back-ups to a directory other than the project directory, including on another server.
March 29, 2011Addition of the DESTOP question type which branches back to the question from which the STOP button was invoked.
February 28, 2011The integrated module can show a simplified interface for a single project.
February 25, 2011Addition of NRESPONSES display condition operator which returns the number of responses given to a question.
February 23, 2011Addition of the "Activate the mobile mode" pound instruction which displays a simpler page to mobile devices.
February 23, 2011Addition of the "M_Cell highlighting" pound instruction to define the coulour used in cell highlighting.
February 22, 2011Addition of the "Cell highlighting" pound instruction to deactivate cell highlighting in questionnaires.
February 14, 2011Addition of the indexposition function.
February 1, 2011The "value" used in subsetting comparisons in utility programs may be "$week" or "$XXweeks". These expressions are then translated into the appropriate date so many weeks ago.
January 30, 2011Addition of the <parent></parent> structure which allows the specification of alternative text for questions and answer categories to be shown in RELATION tables.
January 24, 2011cwupload.cgi is now integrated into cwdocs.cgi. Please delete cwupload.cgi from the utilities directory.
January 18, 2011Reestablishment of project-level read and write passwords, by popular demand, on top of the access control system.
January 9, 2011Addition of the concept of group or dynamic permissions to the access control system.
December 31, 2010Addition of a comprehensive access control system for all utility programs.
December 15, 2010Improvements of response category behaviour codes to control the placement of an open-end box around the response category label.
November 25, 2010Addition of the ability to upload documents to the server via the "F" open-end type.
November 21, 2010The cwedit module supports question-level locking, allowing multiuser editing of questionnaires.
November 21, 2010Bounce message management is now performed, much more efficiently, by the CallWeb deamon.
November 21, 2010cwextr.cgi extracts a standard .tcw file even when multiple dichotomies are requested.
November 21, 2010Bivariate tables can now exclude columns without cases.
November 20, 2010Addition of the NOPRETEST question type to cancel "# PRETEST" for a particular question.
November 19, 2010The progress bar can now be without text on its right, thanks to the MUTE keyword on # Display thermometer.
November 19, 2010CallWeb cleans out extraneous characters (like periods) from project names in URLs to avoid broken links in e-mails.
October 20, 2010"# Attributable questions" is tested for non-existent variable names.
October 9, 2010A "please be patient" message is displayed on questionnaire pages while cwcompile is dropping a field from a project database.
July 17, 2010cwcompile flags the presence of an unconditional skip from a question other than the last one of a multi-question page as an error.
July 16, 2010New calculation function "time_between" returns the amount of time between two dates or times.
July 16, 2010Addition of the "Default cwemail sender" pound instruction to specify the e-mail address that is technically sending the message in cwemail.
July 13, 2010Addition of the use_telkey_table pound instruction to adjust the use_telkey_table installation instruction on a project by project basis (necessary for the correct operation of BASEpretest).
July 12, 2010Addition of the concept of "warnings" as part of cwcompile: warning messages are displayed during compilation but don't prevent it from happening.
July 10, 2010Addition of the concept of "title SUFFIX" that automatically turns a SUFFIX question into a title in a table.
July 8, 2010Addition of the capacity to ask for confirmation of deletion of child records in hierarchical projects.
July 2, 2010&# recalls are shown in an intelligle way in cwquestionnaire and cwfreq as well as in questionnaire mode if the option to show recall codes is selected.
July 1, 2010The email function can send a cc.
June 30, 2010cwemail.cgi can produce a # AUTOEMAIL statement based on the selections made in the interface.
June 17, 2010New calculation function "shuffle_code_labels" returns the text of a series of answer categories, in random order.
June 12, 2010cwextr can save an extraction in any directory on the computer running CallWeb. This is particularly useful to extract data from a laptop CallWeb computer to a USB key. See the # cwextr copy directory pound instruction.
June 11, 2010Addition of the # Minimal extraction width pound instruction.
June 3, 2010New extraction option to prefix the variable labels using the question name.
May 31, 2010cwdossier.cgi displays the question name from within cwnav.cgi.
May 31, 2010cwcompile.cgi allows empty lines between two question definitions in the .scw file.
May 21, 2010Addition of a reserved _telkey table to better control the attribution of _telkeys in open projects. Related to the new "use_telkey_table" installation instruction.
May 19, 2010Addition of the creation of a rough .scw file from a tab-delimited data file.
May 12, 2010Addition of parallel inversions using INVERSION=Qx whereby the inversion of answer categories is made the same as the inversion of answer categories in another question.
May 11, 2010The FORMAT instruction now adds thousands separators when numeric formats are specified.
April 19, 2010Addition of a list-unsubscribe header in messages generated by cwemail.cgi and cwautoemail.pl, and the corresponding "list unsubscribe" pound instruction.
April 18, 2010Addition of a sender header in messages generated by cwemail.cgi and cwautoemail.pl.
April 8, 2010cwextr.cgi can use a delimiter different from a comma in csv files (useful for those who use a non-English version of Excel, for example). The new csv_delimiter installation instruction can make this new delimiter the installation default.
April 8, 2010A comparison of the .scw and .scw.last files is saved in the .zip file created by each questionnaire compilation.
April 6, 2010Addition of the QUESTION() operator in display conditions.
March 15, 2010cwcompile.cgi identifies an error in the absence of a calculation in a CALCUL question.
March 13, 2010The "# Enforce response length" pound instruction constrains the length of a multi-line alpha-numeric answer to the limit defined in the questionnaire (as long as JavaScript is activated in the respondent's browser).
February 11, 2010cwextr.cgi produces a report on the parameters of the extraction and places it in the extraction .zip file as _info_.txt.
February 10, 2010cwstats.cgi historical counters can be reset.
February 8, 2010The "# Control by cookie" pound instruction now reopens the same case on the last-seen page as if the _telkey had been passed in the URL.
January 24, 2010Addition of "custom" mode that displays a customized version of the questionnaire (with answers) for a particular _telkey.
January 23, 2010Addition of hints to explani options in the integrated module.
December 12, 2009Addition of the creation of Stata code in the extractor.
December 11, 2009cwnav.cgi can recalculate several fields at once.
November 22, 2009The text of the various buttons (Next page, Previous page, Submit, Stop, Unlock) can use any of the recall syntaxes. In particular, the text of the buttons can use the conditional "# Recall" instruction and thus completely adapt to the questionnaire circumstances.
November 22, 2009Addition of the SUBMIT question type that uses "# Submit Text" and "# Submit Image" pound instructions for the Next Page button.
November 22, 2009Addition of the NOPRINTCAT question type that deactivates the printing of response categories in print mode (useful for very long lists of categories).
November 22, 2009Addition of descending sorts in cwnav.cgi.
November 22, 2009Addition of the REPORTTO option to # AutoEmail.
November 11, 2009Addition of the # Access send telkey image pound instruction; it defines a image for the Submit button on the password request page.
October 28, 2009Substitutions can be used in system messages.
October 20, 2009Addition of the add_to_date function.
October 20, 2009Addition of the "# Enforce response length" pound instruction to produce an error message if a multi-line alpha-numeric answer is longer than the limit defined in the questionnaire.
October 6, 2009Addition of the # Stylesheet pound instruction to define a project-specific stylesheet.
August 22, 2009Addition of the ZERO FORMAT option for numerioc open-end parts.
August 21, 2009Addition of CSS control over the questionnaire buttons, text and numeric boxes, and dropdown lists.
July 17, 2009Addition of an automatic selection of all cases in utility modules.
July 10, 2009Addition of the ELSE condition to the RECALL pound instruction.
July 10, 2009Addition of the NOTEMPTY operator for logical conditions.
June 24, 2009Addition of the straightlined function which identifies straightlining in Web surveys.
June 23, 2009Addition of the put_values_in_case function which can place values in any field of any case of any project as well as create cases in a project.
June 10, 2009The RECALL pound instruction now includes the ability to recall different strings or values according to display conditions.
May 25, 2009Addition of control over the maximum length of variable and value labels extracted to SPSS code and the like by cwextr.cgi. Defaults can be set in the configuration file.
May 9, 2009Addition of the ")" answer behaviour code which place table cell text (behaviour "M") right of the radio button or checkbox. See also "# M text position".
May 5, 2009Addition of the AUTONEXT question type which moves automatically to the next questionnaire screen after a set number of seconds.
May 1, 2009Addition of an installation option (interviewer_timer) controlling the display of the timer to the interviewer.
April 30, 2009New ability to undo CallWeb system updates.
April 30, 2009New A answer behaviour code which Always displays the category in cwfreq.cgi tables.
April 28, 2009The short URL syntax has been made more flexible.
April 18, 2009Addition of the capacity to start cwautoemail.pl within a particular project from cwemail.
April 18, 2009Addition of the capacity to send carbon-copies via cwemail and the Auto email pound instruction.
April 17, 2009Addition of the capacity to test Auto email pound instruction from cwemail.
April 17, 2009Addition of the ACTIVE option to the Auto email pound instruction to activate and deactivate such instructions.
April 16, 2009cwautoemail issues a message to the system administrator after completing a task.
April 14, 2009Addition of an installation option (notify_every) controlling the frequency of notifications of inactive projects.
April 9, 2009Addition of an exception to the CSS progress bar for Internet Explorer 6 which does not properly render the CSS code. The old table-based progress bar code is used for it.
April 8, 2009Addition of an e-mail reminder about projects that have been inactive for more than 14 days (this delay can be changed in the configuration file).
April 7, 2009Addition of the test_email_address function to verify whether an e-mail address is deliverable.
April 5, 2009The progress bar faithfully reflects the path through the questionnaire when permutations are performed over several pages.
April 4, 2009Addition of the MEMEXCL and VBTMEXCL question types to exclude questions from being displayed in MEMO and VERBATIM questions.
March 27, 2009Whole new set of pound instructions for progress bars: "# Thermometer width", "# Thermometer height", "# Thermometer border width", "# Thermometer border colour", "# Thermometer gap width", "# Thermometer gap colour"
March 24, 2009The callweb.cgi and cwx.cgi modules can optionally show recall codes (instead of performing the recalls) and avoid permutations to produce a stable version of the questionnaire for printing and sharing.
March 22, 2009The callweb.cgi and cwx.cgi modules can optionally show response codes, display conditions and skips. Combined with the print mode, which shows the entire questionnaire on a single Web page, this allows for the production of versions of the questionnaires to share with non-technical personnel.
March 21, 2009The new CallWeb daemon mode is ready for production.
February 17, 2009All elements of the new CallWeb daemon mode are in place — but not yet put into production.
February 14, 2009Addition of a hyperlinked table of contents to cwfreq.cgi output if more than one table is produced.
February 10, 2009Optimisation of cwautoemail.pl to avoid delays associated with empty e-mail address fields.
February 9, 2009Structural changes to the database may be accepted during compilation if they are the only compilation issue.
February 8, 2009Addition of the "training mode" which displays the questionnaire without consideration for skips and display conditions and which does not substitute response recalls. This is meant as a demonstration mode for interviewer training.
February 7, 2009Addition of the "# Template" pound instruction which allows for the construction of questionnaire pages based on existing HTML pages. Now you can mirror the look of existing Web sites and implement standard pages like the Government of Canada Common Look and Feel Standards for the Internet standards.
February 1, 2009Addition of the "# Button order top" and "# Button order bottom" pound instructions which replace the "# Button order" instruction. Backward compatibility is maintained.
February 1, 2009Answer categories controlled by # Auto Submit are formatted using the AUTOSUBMIT style and can, therefore, depict their autosubmit status.
February 1, 2009Major redesign of the questionnaire page production system that will allow a variety of new features.
January 13, 2009A log of structural changes performed on questionnaires is maintained in a file called project.change.log.
December 15, 2008The priority of messages can be specified in cwemail.cgi.
December 8, 2008cwedit.cgi saves .scw files with Windows end-of-line characters.
November 23, 2008Addition of the ability to insert any pound instruction in the system configuration file.
November 6, 2008Addition of the Auto submit pound instruction to speed up CATI work.
September 22, 2008Addition of the extraction of R code to read in the CallWeb file.
September 18, 2008Extractions to .csv files can now include more fields to accommodate enhanced capacities of Excel 2007.
September 4, 2008Univariate and bivariate tables can now exclude rows without cases.
June 26, 2008Addition of the comparative_results installation instruction to display interviewer productivity data to interviewers.
June 20, 2008The necessary _telkey field can be placed anywhere on the prepopulation files.
June 17, 2008The Pretest feature was modified so that a specific pretest comment made on a particular question of a certain case is re-displayed if the pretest link is used again on the same question of the same case.
June 16, 2008Addition of the Allow new in open combination pound instruction that controls whether new cases can be created in "Open combination" mode.
June 9, 2008Major overhaul of the questionnaire production code so that questionnaire pages comply with the XHTML standard. Modification of the utility modules to come.
April 20, 2008New cwdocs file management module with which users can create, delete, copy, rename and move directories, and upload, download, delete, copy, rename and move files on the server — all only with a browser.
April 9, 2008Particular modules (maybe less used modules) of the integrated module can be hiden from the menu structure.
April 4, 2008Addition of the Robot caller id pound instruction that specifies which number the IVR robot displays when calling.
March 16, 2008Addition of the CODESIN code selection instruction and of the pull_value data base management function.
March 3, 2008Addition of LANGUAGE display condition operator to specify language versions of the questionnaire.
February 19, 2008Addition of the _week system variable which indicates when the questionnaire was last accessed expressed as a week date.
February 14, 2008Improvements to the management of e-mail in cwemail.cgi: better identification of unreachable domains, additional error codes in the output field.
February 12, 2008New calculation function "push_value" to place a value in a question in any project based on arbitrary selection conditions.
February 2, 2008Addition of two case selection criteria in all utility programs: "in a list of values" and "outside a list of values"
January 31, 2008cwquestionnaire.cgi can produce multilingual questionnaire printouts.
December 4, 2007Multiple comparisons of ranges and individual values is now possible in display conditions (e.g., Q1.EQ.1-5,7).
November 13, 2007New SEMANTIC question type to facilitate the programming of semantic differential scales.
November 12, 2007An INFOCATI field with a T type open-end part displays a dial button if the project uses a dialler.
November 12, 2007The cwquestionnaire module can display aliases of response categories.
November 9, 2007cwfreq.cgi is now able to display univariate distributions and tables in decreasing frequency order.
October 23, 2007Addition of the ability to comment various parts of the question definition; these comments are reproduced by cwquestionnaire.cgi
October 20, 2007In the cwemail.cgi module, it is possible to test a mailiout to single e-mail address.
October 18, 2007Addition of the capacity to copy a CallWeb script from another server before compilation.
October 14, 2007Open-end questions associated with <BOX> instructions don't need to be defined before their use in the questionnaire anymore.
October 12, 2007Addition of the <COMPUTE BUTTON> instruction which displays a new button on the page and performs arbitrarily simple or complex calculations before returning to the same questionnaire page.
October 6, 2007In the presentation of a table involving _cetecran, cwfreq hyperlinks to a cwquestionnaire display of the question.
September 14, 2007In cwnav.cgi, if a multiple-response question is edited in boxed mass edit mode, different values can be separated by commas or spaces. CallWeb edits the data upon Action! to delimit the values using "μ" characters.
September 3, 2007In table presentations, answer categories that would never be selectable because of display conditions are not shown.
September 2, 2007Addition a mechanism to # Auto email to avoid bombarding a domain with messages and, thereby, reduce the risks of being black-listed or identified as a spammer.
September 2, 2007Addition of links to other utility programs, passing along all common parameters. This allows to carry over a case selection (and other parameters) automatically from one utility program to another.
August 29, 2007Addition of an optional title displayed in utility programs (cwnav.cgi, cwfreq.cgi, cwoutcomes.cgi and cwquestionnaire.cgi). It is formatted with the EQUIVALENTH5 style by default.
August 28, 2007cwcompile.cgi compares the ID of the current user to that of the most recent person who compiled a project and reports discrepancies.
August 18, 2007Addition of the BASEpretest pound instruction which activates the CallWeb pretest mode. See the related recipe.
August 11, 2007Addition of the NOTEST question type which cancels compilation tests on response categories for a certain question; useful to speed up the compilation when a question includes thousands of answer categories, it has been tested in the past and no change was made to it).
August 9, 2007CallWeb now implements parallel permutations where the random order of one set of variables is mirrored in another set.
August 6, 2007cwextr.cgi can now extract directly into another CallWeb data base located on the same server or another server.
July 10, 2007cwarchive.pl keeps the questionnaire script .scw file and the style.css file in the .zip archive along with the .tcw version of the data.
July 5, 2007In addition to optionally showing field display conditions in the header of the tables, cwfreq.cgi can acknowledge the presence of skip patterns — which is helpful in assessing the integrity of the data.
June 26, 2007Addition of the capacity to recalculate CALCUL questions on any number of data records from within cwnav.cgi.
June 20, 2007Addition of the BASEclicks pound instruction which speeds up calls to callweb.cgi.
June 2, 2007CHECKALL can be used in conjunction with the copy of answer categories.
June 2, 2007Assuming no language parameter is passed on to CallWeb, the questionnaire now start in the first language accepted by the respondent's browser if this language exists in the questionnaire. The default language is used otherwise.
May 25, 2007New DEACTIVATE PAGES pound instruction which shortcircuits the GROUP (ECRAN) and TABLE (MATRICE) instructions in the questionnaire. It may serve to linearize a questionnaire for CATI purposes.
May 18, 2007E-mail messages are sent no faster than one per five seconds to any given domain to avoid bombarding.
May 17, 2007Several constraints in the management of multi-server projects are lifted.
May 13, 2007New RECALL pound instruction which provides another method to substitute text and values in questionnaires.
May 12, 2007Recalls can now be made within recalls (of any type within any type and at any depth level).
April 24, 2007cwupdate.pl can now run at the cron.minute pace, allowing for much more dynamic system updates.
April 23, 2007The short CallWeb syntax may now include the name of the initial question in the questionnaire.
April 19, 2007New recode function to recode answers into another coding scheme.
April 19, 2007New I answer behaviour code which makes the code invisible.
April 17, 2007The RTF (Word-printable) version of the questionnaire is now uploaded to the workstation where it can be opened directly into Microsoft Word (or other RTF-compliant word processing programs) instead of being displayed on screen.
April 11, 2007Addition of the POSITION parameter in the definition of tables to put the table on the left side of the page, on the right or centered.
March 31, 2007Using the Control by cookie pound instruction, addition of the capacity to limit the creation of a single questionnaire using cookies.
March 28, 2007Addition of the New question order pound instruction to put questions in an order that is different from the sequential order of the .scw file. This is useful to allow the SUFFIX syntax with non-contiguous questions.
March 18, 2007Addition of security controls to avoid illegitimate form submissions by spammers.
March 16, 2007Addition of the capacity to open a particular record in cwnav.cgi from the integrated interface cw.cgi.
March 14, 2007Addition of the # Button position pound instruction to locate the submission buttons on the page.
March 13, 2007Addition of the V answer category behaviour code to flag missing values in univariate tables in cwfreq.
March 9, 2007The "<", "=" and ">" answer category behaviour codes also control drop-down lists located in tables.
March 8, 2007Addition of three answer category behaviour codes to control the location of open-end boxes within cells of tables.
February 14, 2007Addition of the administrator_email installation parameter used to automatically send information on available system updates.
February 9, 2007Acceleration of the look-up of answer categories.
February 7, 2007Addition of parallel permutations using ROTATON=Qx whereby the permutation of answer categories is made the same as the permutation of answer categories in another question.
February 3, 2007New M open-end part to create "password" fields (M for mot de passe) which display asterisks in the input box upon data entry.
January 31, 2007Data extraction can now respect the width of the closed data fields instead of outputing a fixed number of columns.
January 30, 2007New response category behaviour code B to identify codes which are not subject to permutation, inversion or alpha order.
January 27, 2007Response aliases can be labelled using letters and numbers, not only numbers.
January 24, 2007Hierarchical projects can link to a subset of children not associated with the current parent.
January 12, 2007cwfreq can display absolute-frequency-only tables (without percentages).
January 10, 2007Addition of readable date and date-time values in the context data.
January 8, 2007Addition of the concept of answer code alias which can be used in recalls to display different text without having to create extra questions or use the somewhat involved EXECUTE syntax. See the recipe about it.
January 5, 2007New operators ISEMPTY and ESTVIDE for display conditions and x-base logical expressions generally. They identify fields which contain no data. They replace the ".NOT.field" syntax which is made obsolete by allowing zeros in answer categories.
January 5, 2007Answer categories may now use zero as a code.
December 13, 2006Open-end parts of [D]ate type automatically pop a calendar (as long as the browser accepts JavaScript code) upon clicking into the open-end box. The respondent can pick a date from that calendar.
December 7, 2006The questionnaire progress bar is now based on the number of questionnaire pages displayed to the respondent instead of the number of question prompts.
November 7, 2006cwnav hyperlinks directly to the .wav recordings of telephone interviews (an Asterisk server is used to control the telephone conversation and record the interview).
November 3, 2006New Refuse duplicates in cwprepop pound instruction.
November 2, 2006New random_subset function to select a random subset of responses to a multiple-response question.
November 2, 2006cwprepop flags invalid numeric values associated with close-ended questions.
October 31, 2006Ability to format a 10-digit number as a telephone number when displaying it.
October 25, 2006The integrated module can hide or display BASE projects.
October 24, 2006New CATI selection 3 pound instruction.
September 29, 2006Values can be truncated independently for lines and columns in cwfreq.
September 28, 2006New MySQL engine pound instruction.
September 9, 2006New Display thermometer pound instruction replacing "Thermometer" with a more user friendly interface. "# Thermometer" is maintained for backward compatibility.
September 4, 2006The conditions used to select records in the CallWeb data base may now be entered as a full SQL expression in addition to the dropdown list-assisted traditional mode.
September 3, 2006Addition of the cwcheck module which reports cases with missing data and excess data (stemming from changes to the questionnaire part-way into the data collection) based on existing answers and the questionnaire logic.
August 30, 2006Implementation of a new (and much finer) mechanism to determine the colours in questionnaire tables.
August 26, 2006cwedit can be instructed to display only text fields so that the translation can take place in cwedit without fear of changing the structure of the questionnaire.
August 19, 2006Addition of the T answer behaviour code which asks to confirm a numeric open-end value which is outside the minimum and maximum bounds planned in the questionnaire.
August 11, 2006Default extraction file types and e-mail destinations can be specified in the instance configuration options.
August 2, 2006A report on the result of the most recent update is available from the integrated module.
July 30, 2006Addition of the ability to easily select the language of the questionnaire to extract for data processing purposes.
July 26, 2006Addition of the Extraction width pound instruction.
July 19, 2006Addition of the "ivr" mode to the CATI pound instruction.
May 20, 2006Addition of the ONCEACROSS parameter on the question name line to allow only one respondent to chose any given response category.
May 15, 2006RELATION questions feature a simpler user interface for respondents.
May 10, 2006The demo mode is now fully operational even on Closed, Open Combination and Open Offered survey types.
May 7, 2006The compiler now flags simple skips on non-exclusive codes of multiple-answer categories as errors.
May 5, 2006Production of an English and a French version of a symmary card of CallWeb syntax.
May 5, 2006The Survey type pound instruction can be expressed using clear type names rather than numeric codes.
April 30, 2006It is now possible to perform several extractions concurrently on a given project.
April 27, 2006Addition of the ONLYONCE parameter on the question name line to refuse to change the answer to a question.
April 24, 2006Data modification in cwnav can now be constrained to existing close list codes to simplify coding and to enhance quality control.
April 21, 2006A question name line and a SUFFIX note can modify the CORNER heading of a table.
April 18, 2006Addition of the NOTHERMOMETER parameter on the question name line to avoid displaying the progress bar.
April 15, 2006cwcompile reports duplicate answer codes.
April 11, 2006cwcompile now has an option to beautify scw files (adding indentation, labelling percent and exclamation lines).
April 10, 2006The positional parameters on the TABLE pound instruction are replaced by keywords.
April 10, 2006The positional parameters on the PERMUTATION pound instruction are replaced by keywords.
April 10, 2006The positional parameters for the minimum and maximum numbers of answers on the question name line are replaced by the MIN and MAX keywords.
April 7, 2006The D positional parameter on the question name line is replaced by the DROPDOWN keyword.
April 7, 2006Addition of a "search and replace" function in cwnav.
April 2, 2006Addition of cwupdate.cgi and cwupdate.pl which perform a scheduled update of the CallWeb system software.
March 24, 2006Addition of the CHECKALL question type.
March 24, 2006A CallWeb cookbook has been initiated which offers recipes for common and not so common tasks.
March 16, 2006In matrix format, radio buttons and checkboxes can be selected by clicking anywhere in the table cell.
March 15, 2006It is now possible to back track to a question without responses or allowing no response.
March 10, 2006Addition of the "Second line of buttons" pound instruction.
March 9, 2006Addition of the project name and of the date of the last update to the questionnaire in the context data.
March 8, 2006If the first column of a matrix is empty, it is not displayed.
February 27, 2006Launch of the first version of cwgen which generates random test data to verify the integrity of a questionnaire logic.
February 16, 2006The "value" used in subsetting comparisons in utility programs may be "$today" or "$aujourdhui" or "$yesterday" or "$hier". These expressions are then translated into the appropriate date.
February 10, 2006The new VERBATIM question type (meant for use in CATI mode) allows for the easy cleaning of character open-ends at the end of an interview.
February 9, 2006The frequencies displayed by cwquestionnaire can use a filtering expression so as to report only a subset of the cases.
January 23, 2006The new # Mandatory question instruction can display a signal on every mandatory question in the questionnaire.
January 16, 2006The new _h3 system variable stores the dates and times of modifications performed on data from within cwnav (either in mass edit mode or in individual case edition).
January 16, 2006Dates of data prepopulation are now kept in _prepops; the new field _lastprepop contains the most recent prepopulation action date.
January 13, 2006E-mail messages, be they massive or individual, can now contain an HTML portion.
December 31, 2005cwextr can now extract only a subset of the questionnaire fields.
December 9, 2005cwedit can now copy questions from other projects within the instance of CallWeb.
November 30, 2005Addition of the # Deny access if instruction to block access to questionnaires.
November 15, 2005Addition of the # Thermometer colour instruction to determine the colour of the thermometer.
November 14, 2005Addition of the ability to add attachments to e-mail messages sent via cwemail.
November 10, 2005Addition of the System message pound instruction.
November 3, 2005Images used for the left, right and stop buttons can now be different from language to language.
October 31, 2005Addition of configuration options to define local telephone numbers in CATI mode.
October 25, 2005Addition of the # Master CATI server instruction which identifies which server may manage the CATI operations of a project.
October 24, 2005Addition of the # Copy questionnaire into instruction which sends a copy of a local questionnaire to a secondary CallWeb server.
October 23, 2005Addition of the # Master compilation server instruction which identifies which server may compile the project.
October 22, 2005Addition of the # Only for server instruction which makes a pound instruction conditional to which server the scripts runs on.
October 22, 2005Addition of the ability to switch languages using images rather than HTML buttons using the # Language image instruction.
October 19, 2005Initial launch of the beta version of cwedit which is a visual editing environment for CallWeb questionnaires.
October 14, 2005Optionally, cwquestionnaire can add actual data base frequencies and percentages into the questionnaire output.
October 5, 2005A new mechanism intercepts and reports (by interruption) the presence of infinite loops in questionnaires.
October 4, 2005Simple skips associated with CALCUL questions are now honoured. This simplifies multiple branching.
September 22, 2005The compiler refuses to process a script if a compiled script of the same name exists elsewhere in its CallWeb directory structure.
September 6, 2005The data base server is fully detached from the CallWeb server; it can reside on the same computer or on a separate one and one data base server can serve severa CallWeb servers.
August 30, 2005Individual projects can now have their individual installation (conf) files to specify parameters at the installation level such as the data base engine to use, the location of the data base server or the default language.
August 19, 2005cwtelkeys can now insert the newly created _telkeys directly into the project data base.
August 15, 2005Addition of the "Button Order" pound instruction to control the order of presentation of the buttons and thermometer at the bottom of each question screen.
August 11, 2005Addition of the "HTML Title" pound instruction to provide a title for the questionnaire HTML page.
August 8, 2005Addition of the S behaviour code which gives special formatting to response categories.
August 6, 2005Addition of the SCALE question type which displays the answers as a horizontal scale.
August 4, 2005Text can be added in the title cell above a drop-down list located in a table using the M behaviour code and the [COL] feature.
July 29, 2005Simplification of the integrated module (cw) to focus on key project management functions.
July 26, 2005Addition of a data export format (opn): open end parts along with their question name and _telkey.
July 20, 2005New utility (cwtelkeys) to create lists of _telkeys that are unique within a project.
June 5, 2005It is now possible to create entire batteries of questions much more rapidly, thanks to question cloning.
May 26, 2005The page explaining tables instructs on how to create semantic differential scales or repeated end-point scales.
May 25, 2005Improvements to _print mode which now displays only relevant fields; display conditions and skips are displayed in clear to make this questionnaire format readable as well as informative.
May 17, 2005Addition of the features to make unit-type questions possible.
May 17, 2005The minimum and maximum values of a numeric open-end part may now be Perl expressions (therefore, calculated values).
May 13, 2005Addition of a pound instruction to indicate that a CallWeb project runs in CATI context.
May 5, 2005Addition of function to facilitate the integration of dual-mode (Web + telephone) projects.
April 28, 2005Addition of a method to assign values based on calculated expressions in cwnav.
April 26, 2005A new minimalist URL syntax is now available to initiate questionnaires.
April 19, 2005Addition of the JUMP hyperlink feature to jump to another question of the questionnaire without collecting data (useful for linked menus).
April 8, 2005Addition of the ability to permutate questions within permutations of blocks — down to any chosen depth level.
March 30, 2005Addition of the G behaviour code which ensures proper casing of an open-end part.
March 14, 2005Addition of the TEST pound instructions which implements any logical validation test anywhere in the questionnaire and reports anywhere on the CallWeb page.
February 22, 2005Addition of an option to display only statistics (no frequencies) for continuous data.
January 25, 2005Addition of extended x-base syntax .EQ. and .NE. operators to compare with multiple values at once.
January 20, 2005Addition of a CALCUL function to select random combinations of response choices (e.g., select any 2 choices among 5 possible answers).
January 17, 2005Moved the log of bounced messages to the project directory.
January 16, 2005Capacity to extract data and code to a DOS/Windows file format or a Linux file format.
December 13, 2004Addition of the capacity to run one-way and two-way tables on truncated data values.
December 1, 2004Addition of the INCLUDE pound instruction to include outside text files in .scw scripts.
November 28, 2004Addition of automated e-mails sent on the basis of a preset plan, using all of the information in the questionnaire; ideal for panel management!
November 25, 2004Addition of non-cleaning display conditions.
November 20, 2004Addition of a system to capture bounced messages (cwbounces.pl) in response to CallWeb invitations or other messages sent by CallWeb, and to store the bounces in the CallWeb data base in the relevant questionnaire data string.
November 19, 2004Considerable acceleration of data base prepopulation.
November 18, 2004In utility programs, addition of the ability to reduce the lists of questions to Web-meaninful ones.
November 17, 2004Translation of all pound instruction names into English (the French versions remain valid).
November 15, 2004Addition of the ability to display response categories in alphabetical order of label in all languages.
October 29, 2004Addition of a question type forcing the display of a table banner when questions are arrayed in table mode.
October 28, 2004Addition of a pound instruction to direct e-mail bounces.
October 21, 2004Addition the ability to span pound instructions over several lines and to integrate all linguistic versions of a pound instruction in a single declaration.
October 20, 2004Addition of a pound instruction to specify the text above the progress thermometer.
October 12, 2004Addition of the ability to FORMAT open-ended parts as dollar amounts, percentages, etc.
September 28, 2004Simplification of the syntax of CALCUL questions.
September 24, 2004cwcompile disallows the use of MySQL-reserved keywords as question names.
September 21, 2004Addition of the capacity to insert an open-end box within in the label cell of a matrix row (e.g., to add and "other, specify" entry in a matrix).
September 10, 2004Addition of the # Affiche min max instruction.
September 9, 2004Extractions of csv files create as many files as there are groups of 240 variables, in recognition of the limit imposed by Excel.
August 25, 2004Addition of a second level sort in cwNav.
August 24, 2004Improvement to the cwNav hyperlinks in cwFreq.
August 19, 2004Addition of a CALCUL function to close the browser window.
August 17, 2004Addition of the capacity to stop the questionnaire and direct the respondent to a special section of the script while ensuring that the questionnaire will resume from the page attained before requesting the interruption.
August 16, 2004cwcompile checks that the copy of individual response code texts is done from the default language and not to it.
August 7, 2004Available projects selectable by drop-down menus in cw.
August 6, 2004Addition of a selection criterion which does not discriminate between accentuated and non-accentuated vowels.
August 4, 2004cwNav links child records to parent records when a relation question is displayed.
August 4, 2004Addition of # Type enquete = 3 which allows survey participants to enter an access code and a password of their choosing.
August 3, 2004Additions of "Previous n" and "Next n" buttons in cwNav.
July 25, 2004Permutations and inversions of response categories are stable upon redisplaying a question with such permutated/inverted categories (back-and-forward or reentering a questionnaire).
June 12, 2004Addition of a URL open-end type.
June 11, 2004Addition of the <EXECUTE>Perl expression</EXECUTE> syntax to display the results of complex calculations without storing them.
June 9, 2004A table presentation of the data in RELATION questions can be recalled into other questions.
June 4, 2004Addition of master codes to access CallWeb projects (MASTER CODES pound instruction).
May 16, 2004Addition of the RELATION questions and of hierachical projects.
May 10, 2004Addition of the L (lire) answer behaviour code.
May 7, 2004Addition of a "regular expression" open-end type (R).
April 25, 2004cwQuestionnaire can identify HTML styles in use in a questionnaire and can attempt to replicate the style structure in an RTF file.
April 7, 2004Addition of the M response category behaviour code.
March 31, 2004cwQuestionnaire associates discrete styles to question names and calculated questions.
March 29, 2004Addition of the CORNER option in the TABLE statement to display text in the upper left corner of a table.
March 22, 2004Addition of a mechanism (cwDossier) to view the last few completed questions as part of cwNav (for CATI purposes).
March 18, 2004Addition of the "is empty" and "is not empty" operators in the selection tools of all utility menus.
March 12, 2004Security upgrade for the CallWeb configuration file.
March 11, 2004Addition of a means to display individual cases in legible form from cwNav.
March 10, 2004cwCompare identifies structural differences between two versions of a questionnaire.
March 3, 2004New "Condition de non retour" pound instruction to better control re-entry into the questionnaire.
March 2, 2004Addition of the "Visible depuis" pound instruction to limit project access for utility directories.
February 26, 2004An equal sign can be used to copy text from the default language into a non-default language, anywhere language-based text is used.
February 25, 2004The algorithm used by SUBSET questions is vastly enhanced, making selections in thousands of categories as fast as ordinary small sets.
February 7, 2004Addition of the STOCK question type to store simply information.
February 5, 2004cwCompile senses that questions were moved within the questionnaire script and adjuts the data structure.
January 23, 2004CallWeb script files now bear the .scw extension.
January 21, 2004cwExtr can now create Triple-S code files; it can also include the CallWeb code file in the extraction zip file.
January 12, 2004NEVERUPDATE questions are never displayed on screen.
December 17, 2003New possibility to attribute values to questions upon initial call fo CallWeb.
December 10, 2003Major upgrade to accommodate guidelines for the preparation of pages for the visually impaired (W3C); addition of the _access switch.
December 4, 2003cwPrepop can insert data into existing cases from a tab-delimited file.
December 2, 2003Possibility to calculate the thermometer from a question other than the first question.
November 28, 2003cwNav links into the questionnaire utility.
November 27, 2003cwNav allows the edition of data en masse, several records and several variables at a time.
November 25, 2003The CallWeb questionnaire pages includes only key information on the session; the complete data vector is not carried over from page to page anymore.
November 24, 2003Addition of the capacity to insert standardized formatted tables in any string.
November 23, 2003Addition of the capacity to transpose questions and answers in question tables (i.e., questions as columns).
November 21, 2003Addition of the capacity to reinitialize records to their initial state after prepopulation (assuming proper use of NEVERUPDATE questions).
November 19, 2003Addition of a default back-up strategy for all projects without specific archival settings.
November 16, 2003Addition of a validation condition (MUST) based on any data in the questionnaire, including in the current screen.
November 15, 2003Addition of an option to display question names during a real or simulated interview, including the production of a complete questionnaire printout.
November 12, 2003Implementation of the cwArchive system to perform timed back-ups.
November 8, 2003The thermometer is now calculated using the last question of a screen rather than the first.
November 7, 2003Display conditions can be borrowed from other questions using the "=" operator.
November 5, 2003Possibility to flag individual response categories using a behaviour code (P).
October 25, 2003Addition of an option to not hyperlink the data tables from cwfreq to cwnav.
October 25, 2003Addition of a parameter for the error message displayed upon supplying an incorrect access code.
October 22, 2003Clicking the language button preserves the answers already provided on a page.
October 21, 2003Ability to save responses provided before going backwards using the CallWeb back button (not the browser button).
October 18, 2003Alternating colours of matrix rows.
October 15, 2003Access code pattern can be pre-determined.
October 10, 2003Frequency distributions and two-way tables can be output to a CSV or a tab-delimited format.
October 7, 2003In the CATI version, the number of dossiers available per stratum can be set to a maximum.
October 7, 2003Addition of ability to borrow question and note text from another question.
October 5, 2003Separation of the NOTE text from the question text.
September 28, 2003Customized access code request screen.
September 11, 2003Extractions may be left on the server instead of being sent by e-mail.
September 9, 2003Addition of the telephone number open-end type.
September 8, 2003Addition of the ability to edit only selected variables in cwNav.
September 7, 2003Addition of the ability to select or deselect (for deletion) all displayed cases in cwNav.
September 5, 2003Addition of a open-end type for the first three digits of a Canadian postal code.
August 29, 2003In extracting data, it is possible to subset cases as well as select data and code file types.
August 25, 2003Addition of tool to generate URLs to complex utility requests.
August 25, 2003Addition of a checkbox view for question selection in cwnav and cwfreq.
August 20, 2003Substantial acceleration (and increased sturdiness) of the compilation process when structural changes are required.
August 16, 2003Possible suppression of the SUBSTITUT style in response recall.
August 10, 2003Addition of descriptive statistics in two-way tables (cwfreq).
August 8, 2003Addition of a method to enter a questionnaire elsewhere than at the first question.
August 8, 2003Support for an external library of Perl functions in cwplugins.pl.
August 5, 2003Permutations can be set to display a limited number of randomly chosen questions.
July 30, 2003Permutations can now include all questions on a page.
July 28, 2003Improvements to the validation of display conditions during compilation.
July 25, 2003Solidification of the compilation process to eliminate risks of data corruption.
July 17, 2003Addition of interview type 6.
June 21, 2003Addition of the U behaviour code to make all text in an alphanumeric open part upper case.
June 13, 2003Addition of SUBSET feature to select answer categories using a few characters in the category label.
June 12, 2003Addition of the Forced category behaviour.
June 11, 2003Addition of ability to borrow response categories from another question.
June 5, 2003Addition of the "Changement de langue" pound-option.
May 24, 2003Addition of levels of parentheses in selection menus used in utility programs.
May 23, 2003Users can now use the browser back button without data loss. The CallWeb Back button has become optional (defaulting to no-show) via the # Affiche retour arriere option.
May 21, 2003Addition of a case-level lock to prevent two people from modifying the same information.
May 20, 2003Addition of the "O" category behaviour code (optional open-end parts).
May 20, 2003Addition of an Hour question type with validation within a time range.
May 3, 2003Addition of a Date question type with validation within a date range.
April 19, 2003cwNav can display answer labels in addition to or in replacement of answer codes.
April 18, 2003Addition of a question type to render data unchangeable from within CallWeb (except by prepopulation).
April 17, 2003Addition of a question type that restricts back-tracking in a questionnaire..
April 17, 2003Addition of the capacity to e-mail from within a CallWeb script.
April 12, 2003Addition of the capacity to test questionnaires without affecting permanent files.
April 11, 2003New module to destroy data bases.
April 7, 2003Ability to colour columns of question tables differently.
April 6, 2003New module to handle invitation and reminder e-mails.
April 4, 2003Addition of recalls (piping) of responses to questions allowing multiple selections.
March 31, 2003The compiler detects and reports dangerous structural differences between the untransported data table and the questionnaire.
March 27, 2003Addition of the "~" prefix to create non-cleaning skips.
March 26, 2003Revamping of cw which is now an integrated front-end for all CallWeb functions.
March 20, 2003Addition of the ability to destroy data bases using cwdestruction.
March 19, 2003Addition of the capacity to structure tables using more than one variable in the columns (horizontally joined tables).
March 18, 2003Addition of the quota management system.
March 10, 2003Addition of the CULDESAC question type.
March 9, 2003Migration of data storage to a MySQL data base.
March 3, 2003Addition of the capacity to lay out response categories over several columns, globally or question by question.
March 2, 2003Addition of the _print command line parameter for the callweb module to display the entire questionnaire in a form fit for printing yet similar to the experience provided to the survey respondent.


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