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Recalculating a CALCUL question en masse


You need to recalculate a CALCUL question for several data records.


Use cwnav.cgi.


One of the features of cwnav.cgi is labelled "Update using a CALCUL question"; it is displayed only if the questionnaire includes CALCUL questions. Using the drop-down list, select which CALCUL questions to process and click the "Action!" button. On the follow-up page, insert the "UPDATE" (all caps) keyword to confirm the recalculation request. Only records which fit the case selection criteria at the top of the cwnav.cgi page are accessed. Only records which suit the CALCUL question display condition are affected; skips within the questionnaire are not taken into account. System variables (starting with an underscore) cannot be modified by this procedure.

Examples of use of this procedure include:

  • a CALCUL field was added part-way through the data collection process;
  • a calculation needs to be performed only after all data have been collected;
  • a CALCUL field was found to be erroneous and needs to be recomputed.


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