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Activating the CallWeb pretest mode and accepting respondent feedback


You want survey respondents to have the possibility to add comments about any question of the questionnaire.


Activate the CallWeb pretest mode using the PRETEST pound instruction.


In pretest mode, CallWeb displays a hyperlink besides each question in the questionnaire. This hyperlink is to a one-page questionnaire called BASEpretest which querries the respondent or the interviewer about the nature and the content of the comment they want to leave on a particular question. The link contains the name of the project from which BASEpretest was called, the _telkey of the originating questionnaire and the name of the question from which BASEpretest was called. These pieces of information are stored along with the respondent feedback in the BASEpretest data base for further analysis.

The CallWeb pretest mode is activated when:

  • the PRETEST pound instruction contains text or HTML code;
  • the BASEpretest project has been compiled and the BASEpretest data base exists.

The content of the PRETEST pound instruction is the text or HTML code that will be hyperlinked by CallWeb. It is what the respondent sees in the questionnaire. For example, the instruction

    # PRETEST = [EN]<IMG SRC=gr/cwquestionnaire.gif BORDER=0>

displays a hyperlinked icon next to each question. Meanwhile, the instruction

    # PRETEST = [EN]Pretest

simply displays the word "Pretest" hyperlinked. Note that one PRETEST segment must exist for each language defined in the questionnaire, such as:

    # PRETEST = [EN]Pretest[FR]Prétest

This system can be used to collect interviewers' or respondents' comments during a pretest or respondents' comments during a more qualitative survey.


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