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E-mailing during the course of the questionnaire


You want to send an e-mail to the respondent during the course of the questionnaire.


    % Text
    OUTPUT_VARIABLE_NAME = email("from_e-mail_address","to_e-mail_address","MESSAGETEXT_VARIABLE_NAME")
    % Categories
    % Simple skips
    % Display condition
    % Open parts
    ! ===================================================<


Using a CALCUL question, it is possible to send an e-mail in the course of completing the questionnaire. The syntax of such a question is suggested above.

The "from_e-mail_address" and the "to_e-mail_address" can be written out — in which case the at-sign must be accompanied by a backslash as in "info\@callweb.ca" (a Perl requirement). They could also be questionnaire fields. In this case, the CALCUL syntax would look like this:


The "MESSAGETEXT_VARIABLE_NAME" must be defined in the questionnaire and be of the EMAIL type. See the section on invitation e-mails for information on this question type.

After execution, the "OUTPUT_VARIABLE_NAME" contains the date and time when the message was sent or zero if the process was not successful.


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