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Managing a do-not-call list in CATI mode


You want to use a list of telephone numbers that you never want called, in a CATI context.


Use BASEdonotcall to store the telephone numbers.


If the BASEdonotcall project exists, CallWeb refuses to prepopulate cases corresponding to one of the telephone numbers found in that project; moreover, CallWeb does not dispatch numbers found in the do-not-call list to interviewers. This behaviour can be turned off on a project by project basis by adding the following pound instruction to the project questionnaire: # Use do not call list = no.

BASEdonotcall can store the following information:

  • a telephone number (in ATELEPHONE);
  • a source for the information (in SOURCE (see the BASEdonotlist .scw file for the meaning of each code); details on the source may be stored in ASOURCE);
  • the date of addition of the telephone number (in ADATE);
  • any other information you care to store (in INFO and AINFO).

Telephone numbers may be added to BASEdonotcall in three manners:

  • using callweb.cgi, BASEdonotcall can be brought up as a one-page questionnaire allowing the entry of the information listed above; this is how ad hoc additions to BASEdonotcall are made;
  • using cwprepop.cgi, BASEdonotcall can be populated with telephone numbers found in other sources (such as the ASDE cooperative do-not-call list);
  • interviewers can check a box on the case disposition screen to add a number to the list; if the "Do not call email" pound instruction is defined, a warning e-mail is sent to that address every time an interviewer adds a do-not-call number; BASEdonotcall also stores the name of the interviewer who added the number.


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