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Branching out to any URL


In the course of a questionnaire, you branch to a URL of your choosing, inside CallWeb or outside.


Use a GOTOURL question as in:

    % question
      URL = http://callweb.ca,
      RETURN_TO = Q10
    % note
    % categories
    % skips
    % condition
    % open-end
    ! ==================================================


A GOTOURL question is used to calculate a URL that the questionnaire will branch to right away. The relevant options are placed in the question text segment of the question definition. Options are separated by commas. Relevant options are as follows:

  • URL = one of the following
    • a specific URL like http://callweb.ca
    • URLs specific to languages like [EN]http://callweb.ca[FR]http://circum.com
    • URLs produced by a recall of some sort like # RECALL SOMEURL = [Q1.EQ.1]http://callweb.ca[ELSE]http://circum.com or any other valid recall syntax
  • RETURN_TO or RETOUR_A = one of the following:
    • the name of a variable to go to upon returning to this questionnaire at the GOTOURL question
    • a recall of some sort that will produce a valid question name
    • (In the absence of this RETURN_TO value, returning to a questionnaire that ended on the GOTOURL question will immediately flow out to the URL calculated by the GOTOURL question.)

The display condition is respected but simple skips are not since the "skip" will be to the calculated URL.

The value of the first response category is stored in the data base if the GOTOURL question was activated. Thus, at least one category is required.


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