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Displaying only some answer categories


You want to display only some of the answer categories attached to a question, according to other survey responses.


Insert an answer category display condition such as:

    Globe and Mail


Each answer category of a question may be assigned a display condition. If one is, the answer category is displayed only if the condition is "true". In the example above, the choice "Globe and Mail" is displayed only if question/field CITY equals 5.

Answer category display conditions are independent from one another:

  • one category may be given one while another cateogry of the same question may have none (and always be displayed);
  • each display condition may use different criteria and may use x-base syntax or Perl syntax.

When questions are presented in table format, the answer categories of the first question in the table define the columns of the table, even if the answer categories bear display conditions. However, the radio button or checkbox or text box corresponding to an answer category which has a "false" display condition is left out of the table (i.e., the corresponding table cell is left empty).


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