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Coding open-end questions


You want to code open-end questions into a numeric field.


Use cwnav.cgi along with the "Mass edit mode".


The cwnav.cgi module displays a selection of cases (based on the criteria supplied) and a subset of questions from the questionnaire. Its "Mass edit" mode makes every field that is displayed editable.

To code open-end questions, follow these steps:

  • open cwnav.cgi in the project of interest;
  • enter the case selection criteria relevant to your situation; this could include selecting only cases which bear an open code on the question of interest.
  • select the close-ended and the open-end questions relevant to the coding task; this includes, at a minimum, the close-ended portion of the text to be coded and the corresponding open-end part, but also any other field which may be useful in understanding the open-end comment;
  • select the "Mass edit mode" checkbox;
    • do not select the "Closed lists as boxes" checkbox to obtain dropdown lists of available choices;
    • do select it if you want to get simple text boxes in which codes are manually entered;
  • click Action!

A new page is displayed with the cases and fields you selected. Any change made to the data are saved when the Action! button is clicked again.


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