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Giving restricted access to some individuals


You want to give restricted access to some projects and/or to some modules to some individuals.


  • create a new directory at the same level as the main utility directory;
  • place all required utilities in that directory;
  • make all of these utilities executable;
  • add a # Visible depuis = utility_directory_name pound instruction in each project script that must be accessible from that utility directory;
  • recompile the projects with this new pound instruction.


Only the main utilities directory (defined in the CallWeb configuration file) has access to all projects. Even in the case of that directory, only modules that are available in it can be used (obviously).

Creating a secondary utilities directory offers the possibility of putting only the required modules in it, thereby restricting which actions users of that directory can take.

Also, only projects which explicitly list the secondary utilities directory (via the "Visible depuis" pound instruction) can be accessed from that directory.


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